How to disable your blocking software

If you're in a setting where your actions cannot be traced back to you personally -- for example, if you're using a school or cybercafe computer where you don't have to sign in individually, or you're using a home computer where the administrator never checks the logs of what you accessed -- you can try using this site:
That site is of course well known (having been publicized on this page), which is why you should not use it if you are being individually tracked. And of course since the site is well known, it may be blocked already, but there are lots of computers with blocking software installed where the admins are not bothering to update the blocked-site lists any more, so it might work.

If that does not work, then:

Ask a friend to install a "circumventor" Web site on their home machine, using these instructions. The instructions can be followed by most people with a reasonable amount of computer experience (i.e. if they have installed and uninstalled software before).

Once they have completed the instructions, they can give you a URL that you can connect to, which will disable the blocking software on your computer.

Additional instructions for specific programs (currently nothing specific, but more info will be added as necessary):
Bess | Websense | 8e6 | SmartFilter | SonicWall | SurfControl | Cybersitter | Net Nanny | Cyber Patrol